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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: As of November 2012, Bookieboo LLC no longer works with any food brands with genetically modified ingredients in the consumable part of their product. We also avoid parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and triclosan in personal care and cleaning product brands. We understand that some of our previous clients have had some of these ingredients and are no longer able to provide them with any service. We are encouraging them all to reformulate. Thank you.

What makes us special: We have a network that comprises of over 10,000 bloggers with interests in health, lifestyle, food, parenting, fitness, weight loss, beauty, green and frugal living products. We are also a network consistently involved in food activism, so our stamp of approval means more than the average blogger network. And at your disposal is the Bookieboo Network, the Mamavation Disease Prevention Community, and ShiftCon Social Media Conference. Our projects and leadership have been consistently mentioned in media outlets since 2008.

Combined the network has the following metrics (Updated November 2016):

Bloggers: Over 10,000

Estimated stats on entire network:

Bloggers: Over 10,000 bloggers
Reach on twitter: 110 million
Reach on Facebook: 80 million
Reach on Instagram: 40 million
Impressions per month: Over 250 million impressions
Uniques per months: Over 180 million uniques

We provide the following services to our clients:

 Metrics & Reporting: We provide most of our clients pre and post campaign analysis–ROI Reporting, “Run of Show” Reporting, and Giveaway Fulfillment Reporting.


If you are interested in any of these services please fill out this form.

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Bookieboo has been working with bloggers creating new and exciting projects in social media since 2007. But no matter how many brands we work with, our first priority is the health and wellness of social media moms.

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We pride ourselves in bringing you only the best brands that have a reputation for promoting a healthier lifestyle, so get it on the action!