Twitter Parties

Twitter parties are virtual parties held on the twitter platform using a specified hashtag such as #mamavation. The vast majority of the parties Bookieboo LLC throws are sponsor related and last about two hours. Brands have the opportunity to engage with anywhere from 100 to 350 digital moms at one time during these events. Of all the parties thrown by Bookieboo LLC since 2009, about 95% of them have either trended on twitter OR have ROI metrics equivalent to a trending topic that night. We like to partner with other communities to ensure that your brand is amplified in the most buzz worthy way. Examples of ROI are available on request.

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Bookieboo has been working with bloggers creating new and exciting projects in social media since 2007. But no matter how many brands we work with, our first priority is the health and wellness of social media moms.

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