“In so many ways, Leah Segedie has become the consummate social marketing partner for our business as — through Bookieboo LLC — we’ve both initiated efforts within the blog-o-sphere as well as sought best practices guidance to help ensure our ongoing success. As a health and wellness-based footwear manufacturer who heavily relies upon one-to-one storytelling to advance our message and the value propositions of our brands, Bookieboo LLC has successfully tapped us into an expansive network of viral (and vocal) influencers. Commensurately, we’ve partnered more deeply with Bookieboo LLC, and — through very open two-way strategic dialogue — advanced our investment, and extended our reach. Bookieboo LLC has ostensibly put Earth Brands Footwear ‘on the map’ in the online social space through very resourceful and innovative social marketing. We’re thrilled with the results that have, and continue to, deliver a marked and measurable impact to our business.” —Earth, Inc. (Kalso Earth Shoes, Earthies, & Earth Footwear brands)

“Leveraging the theme #MushroomMakeover, the Mushroom Council partnered with the Mamavation community to showcase mushrooms’ versatility in a variety of meals and weight loss efforts.  With an enthusiastic and passionate response from members of the Mamavation community, the #MushroomMakeover hashtag was shared across every social channel, with more than 60 unique recipes created.  By the end of the #MushroomMakeover program, the participating bloggers lost a combined total of 81 lbs which was announced in a highly engaging Twitter Party.” —Jenn Sutherland, Edelman, representing the Mushroom Council

“Our goal with Living Now™ is to showcase that people living with food allergies or pursuing a gluten-free lifestyle don’t need to sacrifice taste, texture and variety in their daily menu. From wholesome and ancient grains and flours to baking mixes, the range of non-GMO Living Now foods can help bring back the excitement in the kitchen – and the Mamavation Ambassador campaign couldn’t have proven that better.” – David Rosenberg, Living Now Brand Manager.

“Leah Segedie is on a mission – to improve the health of the powerful community of moms she brings together online and offline. Leah connects her community to brands that support her core values of health and wellness, to create programs that go beyond a brand’s key messages and to truly engage her community in important conversations around health, parenting, family, fitness and nutrition. Leah and her passionate community are an asset to brands looking to participate in conversations to create healthy families.” —Edelman

“Leah is a go-getting professional who continues to be a joy to work with. Her hard work and attention to detail sets her apart and raises the bar in the busy and cluttered world of social media. She’s passionate about her work and it shows through her dedication to her campaigns. Anyone looking to work with Leah should not hesitate as they will be more than pleased with the results.” —EA SPORTS Active

“Leah played a huge role in the success of launching one of my clients, AllWhites and Better’n Eggs into social media, orchestrating “buzz” in several online communities including Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. She even sat on the phone with Oprah’s personal trainer Bob Greene to walk him through how to tweet during a Twitter party! Leah invests and invests her time when she really has none to spare– with kids and a full-time health and wellness online community in tow. I look forward to seeing where her dedication to multiple crafts, moreover her commitment to helping moms overcome obesity, take her.” —GdB

“I’ve worked with Leah on several programs for my clients and will definitely continue to. Leah is very smart as shown through her recommendations and knows what she is doing as shown by her results. At the same time she is very professional and an absolute joy to work with.” —Zocolo

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