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Established in 2007, Bookieboo LLC is the largest health and fitness-inspired blogger network and consulting firm working with digital moms. The firm is operated by Leah Segedie and the network is comprised of mostly moms who have interests in health, parenting, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, wellness, and frugal living themes. We work with some of the best brands and bloggers in social media and are known for being very selective with the clients we choose to work with. Our first priority is the health and wellness of digital moms. Welcome to our world!

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Bookieboo has been working with bloggers creating new and exciting projects in social media since 2007. But no matter how many brands we work with, our first priority is the health and wellness of social media moms.

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We pride ourselves in bringing you only the best brands that have a reputation for promoting a healthier lifestyle, so get it on the action!